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Moving Canada Forward with Canada Job Expo

It is empowering giving back to our community. At Canada Job Expo, we are committed to work harder and empower the community with incredible job opportunities.

It was a privilege to do our part at the last event in investing in the future leaders of our community with the exciting return of our in-person events. We held 12 events last year and will be holding 8 events this year. Our first event on January 25th was massively successful and speaks volumes about the quality of the best job fair platform in Canada – Canada Job Expo!

The day was marked with an endless flow of job seekers in many different industry sectors from IT, Healthcare, Engineering to Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and much more. Participating Employers and Organizations had access to the best talent in the job market face-to-face saving time and speeding up their recruitment process.

Canada Job Expo is not only an event, but an experience on its own, a day of building professional relationships outside of the web and social media in-person and face-to-face. A day to build confidence, get your questions answered by HR Professionals and Employer representatives as well as interact and network with other job-seekers who are in the same situation as you.

Besides the attending Employers / Organizations, a very popular and highly attended free workshop titled “Get Hired Faster” by Amazon Best Selling Author Murali Murthy was conducted. Murali shared insights on the current job market and how to get hired faster using simple and proven strategies. This workshop will be held again at all upcoming Canada Job Expo events. Murali has helped thousands of job seekers find the right career path and he can do the same for you.

Attendees also had the rare opportunity of free professional headshots taken by a Professional Photographer with state of the art equipment and expertise. Any employer or organization you apply for a job at will 100% look you up on social platforms, a professional headshot definitely will help build and portray a professional image. Next time you attend Canada Job Expo be aptly dressed and be ready for a professional headshot as well!

“ We will help Canada move forward one event and one job seeker at a time. Building careers, transforming lives has been an integral part of Canada Job Expo, an impressive track record build solely on helping and the success its attendees both job seekers and employers.

Our sense of responsibility to the people we serve will always be a priority, and we will continue to find new ways to give back to the community. Canada Job Expo was able to not only help job seekers from all walks of life and backgrounds but also Newcomers as well as Ukrainians who needed the help, guidance and support.

At Canada Job Expo, we are passionate about making a vital difference in the lives of students, new immigrants and everyone looking to further their career.

On behalf of everyone at Canada Job Expo and our partners, we can confidently affirm that we are not only committed to being a great organization but also being a force for good in society.

Canada Job Expo Welcomes:


Experienced individuals & professionals currently employed, but looking for other job or career opportunities.

Recent graduates who want to explore the job market and get their feet wet.

New Canadians (Help with settlement, resume, job search etc). 

Current students (Inquire about future opportunities with prospective employers).

Internationally Educated Professionals (Get your credentials recognized in Canada, participating organizations will help you with it).

Unemployed individuals & professionals looking for job opportunities (Help and guidance with your job search from participating organizations).

Individuals and Professionals looking for small-business/franchise opportunities (for those that are thinking outside of the box, outside of the regular 9 to 5).

Individuals looking for career options including upgrading their skills, small-business opportunities, training and education.